You can afford high-quality food if it is important to you. Ideally, I want you to:

Cook 90% of your food. If you think real live food costs too much, and that it is too hard and takes too long, and you are relying on “convenience” foods, these “inexpensive convenience foods” will not be so convenient when they make you and your family ill.

When people tell me organic is too expensive, my immediate response is, “Have you Priced out the cost of cancer recently? The toxins and herbicides on conventional product will make you sick. Glyphosate now has 85,000 lawsuits against Monsanto. Last year, Monsanto was sued by a gardener who got poisoned spraying RoundUp, its brand name of Glyphosate, on school lawns and he got cancer. It came out in discovery that Monsanto had known for 20 years that their product caused cancer. They lost and also opened up the possibility for the other 85000 cases to win. You don’t need glyphosate in your body. It is still being sprayed on our crops. It is poisoning you.

Other GMO’s have BT Toxin bred right into them. BT Toxin is also an herbicide. It works by killing the bug when the bug bites the plant. Unfortunately, it also is killing all of your good gut bacteria, and it is killing our bees and our butterflies. Remember, no pollinators, no food. This is not a good thing. It wreaks havoc in your body so all the way around organic is starting to look like a good deal.

Our government subsidizes factory farming so your conventional crops are cheaper than they would be otherwise. There is no government control for safety over conventional growing. On the other hand, organic farmers need to jump through all kinds of hoops to be certified as organic. This by nature makes them more expensive, but the good news when this food is certified, you know what you are getting, and it is a low toxin version of its conventional counterpart. I only buy organic. I have autoimmune disease and cannot afford the toxins in my body.

If you can’t afford to buy everything organic, then look up the Dirty Dozen/ Clean 15 list. If it is on the dirty side of that list buy organic period. Those items can have as many as 80 toxins on them. If its on the clean 15 side, then you can buy it conventional. Your body and your family deserves real whole foods that don’t poison you when you eat them Eat the rainbow, you need all the colors, they each offer a gift, and together they form a synergy that creates health in your body. Just like a sophisticated computer, garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t give your body the building supplies it needs to replenish cells, your body can’t possibly stay well forever.

In the beginning, it takes more planning to eat real food, but in the long run, it has been proven that it is not more expensive, and it doesn’t need to take long to make. We are simply a society that has gotten into bad habits, and we are thinking “convenience” first out of habit. And convenience equates in our minds to “out of a box.” “frozen with multiple ingredients,” from a fast-food restaurant, or out at a regular restaurant where we do not usually know what goes into the food.

Could we re-frame that to making a meal from real live food in under 30 minutes?

It can be easily done. Buy your fruits and veggies and prep them when you get home. Wash the environmental residue off of them and then store them in the fridge.

When its time for dinner, just go grab your veggies for that meal. The hardest part is done, the veggie and fruit is already washed and ready to go.

The easiest way to prepare veggies is to toss them in olive oil, avocado oil or ghee, and then put them on parchment paper in a pan into the oven. Season to taste. I often use organic powdered garlic, organic onion powder, and steak seasoning which adds a little bite, and then sea salt. Throw the pan into the oven and roast the veggies until they are al dente. (Not too cooked but cooked enough. They should be slightly crunchy) Viola, they are yummy and super healthy. Add your quality protein and a raw salad with more veggies cut up in it and you have a nutritious meal, in a matter of minutes.

Never forget that food quality matters.

I can cook that faster than you can get in your car, drive to fast food, order and pick it up and then get home. The fast food meal has zero nutrients. My meal is loaded with nutrition to rebuild your body to be strong.

53% of our children have a chronic illness. You owe it to your body and to your children to feel them quality ingredients that will build your immune system and help you be healthy.