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HealthGuild’s mission is to share the benefits of Natural Health with the world. Natural Health Professionals of all disciplines are uniting on one powerful website – elevating their voices and broadening their reach, promoting smarter and more progressive healthcare viewpoints. You are stronger in this community!

Visitors come to find Natural Health Professionals and read original Natural Health Articles written directly by our listed health professionals. 

Our Mission

Natural Health is the fastest growing industry throughout the world. More and more people are waking up to the benefits of Natural Health and are choosing Natural Health over traditional mainstream medicine. As the market continues to grow our services and offerings will grow too. In the near future we will be organizing community health events along with other services and tools to help your business meet this growing demand. Natural Health Professionals are stronger in this community!


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We advertise your business in our professional directory so clients can connect with you directly through your full page profile, articles, videos, and/or books, HealthGuild.org is a reputation builder!

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Receive a full page all to yourself sharing your services, social networks, website and direct contact information! We do not play middleman. Visitors find your practice through our location finder and map search.


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Health Coach

Dance Therapy

Energy Healing



Massage Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Music Therapy





Sex Therapy


All Natural Health Modalities

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From Our Clients

“There’s no other service out there quite like this. The exposure is great and the price made joining a very easy decision.”

Caroline Madden


“HealthGuild.org has been a major boost for my practice! I love knowing that my profile and articles are being seen and shared. A great service!”

Kelly Benamati

Life Coach

“HealthGuild.org is a great organization. They have created a beautiful website which has breathed new life into my articles. It’s exciting seeing them being shared.”

Dr. Piper Glasier


“Advertising on HealthGuild.org has been very helpful in promoting my events. They are enthusiastic, attentive, and communicative. I enjoyed working with them and highly recommend HealthGuild.org. Way better than Psychology Today!”

Tara Galeano

Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor,, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

“Finally a website that seriously focuses on progressive health methods like mine, in Energy Healing. HealthGuild.org is a great fit for my practice. It’s where my clients and I belong!”

Kristi Beck

Energy Healer

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