You Should Learn To Say No – It’s Good For Your Soul

I have heard people literally say yes to things that they absolutely hate and would otherwise say no to, if they had the courage to do so. Too many people are saying yes when they actually want to say no, but do not know how too speak their truth. You cannot continue to live your life to please others. You will become burnt out quickly and are only people pleasing. Let’s take a ride on the journey of those that know how to say no and what they feel because they can and do say no. Let’s also take a look at people that don’t know how to say no and see what their life looks and sounds like. Ready … set … dive into the yes vs no deep or shallow end of learning to swim with the people that make you happy with your choices in life verse those that do not.

Actually, saying no is such a positive breath of fresh air to your soul. Many people like to “people please”. You cannot possibly make all the people in your life happy all of the time and usually you cannot make them happy even half of the time. The number one goal is to make yourself happy and finding the right balance of saying no to what doesn’t spark your interests. My encouragement to you is to practice with people you feel comfortable with so you can nicely say no and don’t feel like you are obligated to say yes. Once you master using your voice to say no to those you are near and dear to then you can step out of your comfort zone and say no to someone you don’t know. You will begin to empower yourself and build confidence every time you are able to stand up and speak the complete sentence – no! The more times you set healthy boundaries with others and don’t take on too many projects, requests or overwork yourself because you didn’t say no, the more people begin to respect you and stop relying on you for every little thing and start to rely on others more. You will feel free and not held in the bondage of other’s convincing ways of holding you back from doing the tasks that you love and that will serve humanity. That sense of euphoria is pure elation to those that follow their bliss by refusing to be someone who always says yes.

The people who fall into this category of always saying yes end up draining themselves very quickly. They feel overworked, pressured to be everything to everyone and hardly make time for themselves and then complain of pure exhaustion or worse have a nervous breakdown. They don’t realize how much better they would feel cognitively, emotionally and spiritually with breaking the habit of continuously saying yes when they want to bluntly say no and move on. Dive out of the category of being the go to person for every little problem that needs to be solved. I recommend teaching others to be self sufficient and independent so you don’t have to say yes to every fire that is lit in your career. The faster you open your eyes to the chaos that can be created with always people pleasing the masses and learning to first take care of yourself and family the easier your whole life will be.

You can see the distinct differentiation between saying yes and the feelings that come along with that and the ones that certainly come along with owning your power and using your voice to say no. Which one will you choose to say the next time someone asks you to perform a specified task you don’t have time for or enjoy, to go somewhere that you have no desire to be, and to finally speak your truth. Remember to always be authentically yourself and use your voice to greatly impact other’s lives by setting the example they need from you in order to gain your respect and look up to you as the leader that you are! Keep it moving and step into your greatness to take massive action for powerful results. Join my blog – The Power of You on Facebook where we all support each other in doing what is right now what is easy.



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