Why Diets Don’t Work

Have you ever started a diet, felt good for the first few days maybe even weeks, but then you started noticing your moods were different, you were gaining weight, you got bored or you even started resenting food??

Going on a diet can be good for some people, but with so many diets out there, how do you know which to choose?

Nowadays, there are so many fad diets and tons of experts recommending the latest food selections in order to lose weight.

The problem with this is that most are not sustainable because – even though you will probably lose some weight – you will end up gaining it back and will be back to square one.

What happens when you go on a diet, you lose a lot of water weight, which in theory yes you’re losing weight, but you will gain that water weight right back. Our bodies contain on average, 60% of water so water is necessary for the body.

Fad diets also have a good potential of leading to eating disorders due to some individuals becoming obsessed with limiting caloric intake or just the opposite – consuming as much as they want as long as they limit carbs and sugars.

When recommended diets eliminate the healthy minerals and nutrients, you will always lack the proper nutrition that your body needs to function optimally.

This is why eating a well balanced meal is so vital for our bodies to stay satiated with the correct vitamins and food selections – in order to not overindulge or make ourselves sick.

Let’s talk about metabolism. As we get older our metabolism starts to slow down. Hence, the reason we do tend to look for the latest and greatest easy diets that will boost your metabolism.

Going back and forth between diets throws our metabolism out of whack and slows it down even faster.

A lot of diets are easy for the first few days and we manage them pretty well for a little while but we easily become bored. We tell ourselves we will easily be able to eliminate foods that we once enjoyed eating.

Diets have the potential to make us begin to feel as though we actually resent the foods we eat that we need for nourishment and our well being.

Instead of having a good relationship with food – we end up destroying it. The foods we once liked are now considered “bad” foods. The foods that are considered “healthy” aren’t what we really want because we put a bad name on them.

This begins to fester into a self fulfilling prophecy (making it become a negative reality) and a vicious cycle, like running on a hamster wheel that we can’t get off of. Food becomes our worst enemy and we go back to square one.

As you can see, diets can be our worst enemy, destroying our bodies and perspective. With so many out there on the Internet, it’s so easy to pick one without knowing what it’s really doing.

So you may be thinking, “Well if I don’t diet, how do I still lose weight and burn fat?” That’s why I’m here to help you. I want to give you three ways you can start burning fat today without having to go on a diet. I believe in you!

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