What Makes A Great Husband — Are You A Good One?

In your own words and mind — what makes a good husband. What qualities should he have and how will he treat you. Will you look or will he find you. Is he a Christian or does religion not matter to you. What does the ebb and flow feel like, smell like and look like to you when he arrives. I am sure we have all pondered what makes up men who are great husbands and if you are already a husband — are you being a good one. I am confident one day God will introduce me to the man I am supposed to marry but for now I have a list of the desires I would like to show up in a man that I need as a long term mate and lover. Have you also done your homework because it’s really hard to receive what you haven’t specifically asked for or prayed about.

Let’s take for example a man that is single and stating to himself he is never getting married and loves the dating scene but in no way wants a wife. He enjoys going out on his own terms and likes his freedom. He is happy to be alone but also likes the once in awhile get togethers with the opposite sex.

Secondly, there are men who are praying for their future wife to show up in all facets as they have asked God for. They are Christian men with a solid foundation built in Christ and they are committed to a foundation of Christianity and love. They have prepared themselves for their Queen in all regards to health, finances, sowed their wild oats and are ready for commitment, forgiven themselves and others for past mistakes and love themselves completely. They are ready, willing and able to sacrifice for the right woman.

Either scenario is neither right or wrong — it just is — but if you are looking to be the best husband or preparing to be the best for your significant other that has not shown up yet — I strongly recommend the later of the two and take my serious advice below to become the man God wants you to be and the man your future wife needs, adores, looks up to, cherishes and wants and strongly desires on a daily basis.

Good husbands find peace when you want to argue and be right. They bleed when they just want to sweat. They give much more than they take. They get up and go and accompany you when they want to say no and stay. They speak truth when it would be easier to lie. He explains when he would much rather avoid a difficult discussion. He takes care of himself, he dresses nice to impress and keep you, he is health conscious in order to live a longer life with you, he maintains his finances so you can live a life that is financially free and is sympathetic to your needs. He listens carefully to you, never harms with his words or body, calls you his and introduces you to his family and makes you feel included. He never tries to make you jealous or upsets you on purpose. He is an all around good man and never cheats, steals or lies. He knows sin is horrible and is God fearing because he knows what life is like without Jesus. A great husband will lay down and make love to you while “trying” to create children together and never gets upset when you are late or just want some alone time. These qualities really define what a great husband is. Are you being all of these and then some?

Strive to create the best version of yourself and be confident that the woman you are meant to be with – is on her way to you any day now. Waiting on the perfect timing is everything! Have an attitude of gratitude that you two are going to be life long mates and nothing and no one can strip the loving bond you create together. Follow my business page on Facebook (Kelly Benamati – Life Expert & Business Consultant) for powerful daily tips on living your best life – one smart proactive decision at a time! You most definitely deserve it.



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