The Benefits of Green Vegetables

Children all around the world have asked their parents, at one point or another – what are the benefits of eating my vegetables? Just the pungent smell of broccoli, might make anyone have an aversion to green veggies! Behold, we have other yummy suggestions that will make your mouth water.

Americans eat less and less servings of vegetables than they once consumed.

Lettuce is the most commonly used green vegetable, while most other green veggies are super inexpensive. Do we get lazy, and stuck in a rut?

Why don’t family’s incorporate veggies into their lunch and dinnertime routine?

Green vegetables probably do not look so pretty, but they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function optimally. Do you know why health experts, like myself, recommend a diet full of fruits and veggies? Read on as I describe in detail, powerful reasons, you need green veggies.

Do Not Skip Your Greens

◻ Greens reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes

◻ Rich in folic acid, potassium, magnesium, several phytonutrients and beta-carotene

◻ Low in caloric intake – making it an ideal food choice for weight management

◻ Inexpensive – allowing you to purchase more, to make a variety of recipes, your family will enjoy, and your body will thank you for

◻ Several to choose from – making it easy to utilize in numerous meals throughout the week

◻ Perfect source of iron and calcium (in case you don’t like milk)

In conversation, I have heard people discuss that greens are for vegetarians. Greens consistency is disgusting (referring to a piece of cucumber) and I beg to differ! This is obviously, a misnomer. Every American can vibrantly take advantage of vegetables biological satisfaction.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food. – Errick McAdams

A vast array of food selections such as kale, cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, romaine, spinach, celery and zucchini are ideal – as apposed to junk food items.

Unhealthy food choices taste glorious to our taste buds, but they wreak havoc on our body and mind.

Greens Help Us Lose Weight

Why do green vegetables help us lose weight and keep the fat off?

Green vegetables are very low in calorie content and contain little to no carbohydrates. They have minimal sugar as well – which helps keep our beautiful shape and cancer at bay (by starving cancer cells).

Greens Fight Disease

Green vegetables are filled with phytochemicals, Vitamin C, low in fat, potassium and high in magnesium. All these combined aid in the significant decrease in getting sick. The low sugar content benefits a low glycemic diet – in return lowering a risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Fiber also helps to lower your risk of high cholesterol levels and positively affects your triglyceride level.

Greens are Good for Your Gut and Contain Many Antioxidants

Green vegetables effect our gut metabolic activity, immune balance, gut permeability, and normal bowl functioning. Antioxidants in green vegetables help to maintain inflammatory activity within our body. Quercetin is found in green leafy veggies and acts in aiding in the cell creation of cancer.

Eat your vegetables and make wise health choices for the considerable wellness they provide to your body, as mentioned above.

Keep it simple and purchase an extensive amount of greens to eat with most meals.

Modifying your dieting habits, needs to be a lifestyle change, to reap the benefits your body will end up craving.

I strongly encourage you to get into a healthy mindset, throw away all junk food at home and be inspired to eat clean. Motivate your family to cook together and make it fun! Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring.

Recipes that contain lots of vegetables:

◻ Vegetable soup made with chicken broth

◻ Vegetable smoothies with added Turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey

◻ Salads with oil and vinegar dressing and squeeze lime for a burst of flavor

◻ Vegetable stir fry cooked in coconut oil (good monosaturated fats)

◻ Raw or cooked veggies can be eaten with hummus, guacamole or sautéed in coconut oil (good monosaturated fats)

There are a million ways to spice up your eating habits and keep the doctor away!

We believe in you and know you will make the right choices that will lead to a life of vibrancy.


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