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Why I’m Raising A Sweet Boy

I think we all can agree – or at least most of us can – that our society teaches boys not to cry, be tough, carry the weight, be the bread winners, act tough, be rough and the list is endless with how we are negatively conditioning our kids to be men in the future. […]

Consultant Parenting

What are we looking for as we raise our children? What are we hoping to facilitate and encourage as we function as therapists and work with children and adolescents in our practice? What constitutes a healthy child? Is it a developing ability to think for themselves? Is it making good choices for the most part? […]

Telling a Good Story

Did you know as a parent that the basic formation of your child’s sense of self stems from what they see reflected in your eyes? You are the holder of their goodness. From the moment of birth, your child looks to you to form their opinion of themselves. They are born with a unique sense […]

Every Day is Mother’s Day

Aside from being a little too busy at times, I was always grateful that I was either in school studying psychology or functioning as a therapist as I raised my children. When I learned principles regarding relationships, parenting, communication skills, boundaries, and so on, I applied them the best I could to the ongoing, challenging […]