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Worthwhile Words

Words – words thrown into the space between two people. As human beings, we are capable of creating alphabets, language, and sounds that are symbols with meaning. But the purpose and intent of the meaning they create varies greatly. One person might meticulously and carefully select words to communicate what they feel inside – words […]

The Point of Pain

I love a sermon that gets me thinking. I heard one of those this week. A young Associate Pastor was speaking and the wisdom behind his words seemed more likely the product of someone a couple of decades older than he is. He was talking about being real, authentic, and not covering over the wound, […]

Sadomasochistic Dynamics

Sometimes sadomasochistic tendencies add some spice to a relationship. We could say flirtation holds a certain ‘cat and mouse’ flavor that provokes an element of mystery, intrigue, and seduction. We could say passionate sexual relations have moments when one is ‘in charge’ momentarily and the other ‘receptive’ and then the roles reverse. In childhood we […]