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How Happy Are You With YOU?

When I was in my thirties, I recognized that my thoughts were making me sick. I used to be needy, pathetic, insecure, worried and afraid of everything. I felt like a victim and interestingly attracted victimization because of how I felt. I couldn’t think of ten things that I loved about myself. I certainly didn’t […]

How Self-Love Leads To Happiness

If you are looking for happiness, you have come to the right place. I learned the secret years ago that changed my life – permanently! I found some very interesting results while searching for trending articles on the subject of happiness and being happy.  128,000,000 searched for happy 14,700,000 searched for happiness  Only 2,940,000 searched for […]

Why I’m Raising A Sweet Boy

I think we all can agree – or at least most of us can – that our society teaches boys not to cry, be tough, carry the weight, be the bread winners, act tough, be rough and the list is endless with how we are negatively conditioning our kids to be men in the future. […]