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In Search of Healthy Intimate Sexuality!

We are created as sexual beings at the deepest level of our psyche. Sexual self-esteem is very important, because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to your potential. Low self-esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which mean […]

Addictive Behaviors and Self Soothing via Sex

There is a sense of dis-empowerment in our life for which one seeks outside of self to remedy. We tend to attempt to cope in ways that we find comforting; social isolation (if we are alone we can’t hurt anyone, and they can’t hurt us), anger (unable to express emotions in our relationship, etc.), substance, […]

Whine Tasting

Years ago I worked with an elderly male accountant who counted on his head to solve the world’s problems. Our work began when his wife of several decades insisted on a divorce. Over time in our work together, he made the descent from his head to his heart and arrived in a place where he […]

Poles Apart

It is a legitimate phenomenon. It is a common dynamic. When we see it in extreme ways, we name it. We label it. We number it. We medicate it. We concretize it. It becomes the person. She is bipolar. He is bipolar. We do this sometimes. A dynamic takes on a life of its own. […]

Link Luster

A Scottish psychoanalyst, W.R.D. Fairbairn, accurately named and described the notion that we are primarily creatures that seek attachment. From the moment we are born, we desire and require warmth, security, nurturing, and connection with the other. We have heard the phrase ‘failure to thrive’ in reference to infants that are deprived of maternal closeness. […]