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One Oar in the Water

This past decade of high financial uncertainty and distress can affect relationships in ways that seem worthy of mention. When life as we know it is altered, as it has been for so many, it brings up a certain type of distress that can trigger deep, early, young places in us that can elicit a […]

Worthwhile Words

Words – words thrown into the space between two people. As human beings, we are capable of creating alphabets, language, and sounds that are symbols with meaning. But the purpose and intent of the meaning they create varies greatly. One person might meticulously and carefully select words to communicate what they feel inside – words […]

Teen Hair Color

Concerned that your child is sporting multi-colored hair? It could be just a creative outlet, which will eventually grow out and have little or no ill effect. If it is accompanied by a change in attitude, friends, piercings, tattoos, substance abuse, eating disorders or cutting, taking a closer look is not just important, but critical. […]