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Children Matter Most

In the still moments of life I am reminded just how much my children mean to me. Their laughter. Their morning breath. The way I make them laugh and vice versa. Teaching them to love themselves and ask God for forgiveness. Teaching them to say sorry and forgive others for their wrongdoings. Building a strong […]

Why I’m Raising A Sweet Boy

I think we all can agree – or at least most of us can – that our society teaches boys not to cry, be tough, carry the weight, be the bread winners, act tough, be rough and the list is endless with how we are negatively conditioning our kids to be men in the future. […]

How I Make My House A Home

I’m sure most people don’t contemplate how they will transform their houses into homes. For me, this is a must and I will tell you exactly why. I want to make sure – first and foremost – that my kids feel at home when they are at our house. The best way I know how […]

Dealing With Childhood Obesity

Sensitive topics like childhood obesity are definitely ones that need to be discussed but many tip toe around them. Fast food restaurants and drive through places make is so easy for us to consume foods on the go and provide a super quick method to get a meal. However, most meals are high in caloric […]

Teen Hair Color

Concerned that your child is sporting multi-colored hair? It could be just a creative outlet, which will eventually grow out and have little or no ill effect. If it is accompanied by a change in attitude, friends, piercings, tattoos, substance abuse, eating disorders or cutting, taking a closer look is not just important, but critical. […]