Sexual Addiction Affects on Partner

The term “sexual addiction” describes those who engage in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviors despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others. Sexual addiction affects woman as well as men.

The sex addict feels compelled to act out sexually. The addicts themselves (male or female) may not be able to understand why they are acting out sexually or why constant thoughts either of having sex with someone or compulsively masturbating fill their minds, and push out other avenues of interest. The addiction is often mistaken by the sex addict as “love”, but love really has nothing to do with it. What passes for love, is really a progressively negative and intrusive behavior that takes away all of the addict’s self-esteem.

The devastation felt by partners may involve feelings of betrayal, confusion, angry, lonely and leave you questioning your own self-esteem. Partners learn how to recognize that it is not their fault and to stop asking the “what if” scenarios. By working through feelings of victimization in this shared experience, we begin to find witness and support in personal growth, self-realization, and self-transformation leading to a new sense of resiliency.

The fear of intimacy is the fear of being emotionally and physically close to another *individual. This fear is also defined as “the inhibited capacity of an individual, because of anxiety, to exchange thought and feelings of personal significance with another individual who is highly valued”.

[1] Fear of intimacy is the expression of existential views, in that to love and to be loved makes life seem precious, and death, more inevitable.

[2] It often results from past traumas such as rape and child sexual abuse, and infidelity. Fear of intimacy is also related to the fear of being touched.

*fear of intimacy can also occur as a result of a you or your partner’s behavior(s).

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