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Magic happens. This past Tuesday magic happened during the hour and a half that I was interviewed for a Telesummit. I shared about God, ADD, thoughts, what really happens when we die, how we create ill health or good health, happiness, and truth. You can listen to this replay here. Included in this page is the replay of the second program where I shared a powerful process of experiencing our infinite selves.

Telesummits are a great way to meet healers, coaches and personal growth gurus to receive free information and even healing that can help you in all ways. 

The Enlightened Love Heart and Soul Show broadcast around the world from the UK. The host, Crystalline Goldenheart said this show was like 10 mini workshops filled with golden words. Following is her personal note to me:

Dearest Jennifer
Thank you for a wonderful show rich with heartfelt shares, heart connections, divine wisdom and gifts. It felt like rich mini workshops.
I feel so much love and honour for you and your journey and I haven’t sent an email like this before to any of my guests.
Many blessings of love and joy to you
Crystalline “

I talked about love, wealth, manifesting and how I healed myself of Fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease, breast cancer, tumors, anxiety, and depression. I explained how I did it. You don’t want to miss this show, the replay is my gift to you.

Today, I am a guest on the same show where you can hear me live and receive a transmission of infinite love. 

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