Profit and Loss: The key to Sustainable weight loss is great health.

 (This is the first chapter I have written for my companion guide to “It Feels Good to Feel Good, due out on Amazon in January 18)

Profit and Loss?

What in the world am I talking about? I am not a CPA, an Accountant or a broker, and I am not running a major corporation.

The profit and loss I am talking about are both a positive result of leading a “clean” life.

The profit is in eating healthy and living toxin-free.

The loss is the weight that automatically is released

once the body begins to function optimally.

Since I began health coaching, people seek me out and the first thing they ask is what diet do I recommend?

They are astonished when I tell them I don’t recommend that they ever diet…..ever. No matter what their weight is, diets are a thing of the past.

I recognize what an issue weight is for many people. It has been my nemesis since I was a child.

I have tried many of the Best Seller diets that have hit the New York Times bestseller list, and each of them seemed to work for a short time, and then cha bing cha bang, the weight was back with a few extra pounds tossed in for good measure.

I tried Weight Watchers with the same result, original weight loss and then it all came zipping back.

Same result with Jenny Craig.

I have tried the liquid fasts, like Medifast or Optifast. Fast weight loss, which was not even remotely sustainable.

I even purchased Nutrisystem. Now, I believe that Nutrisystem could work, but only because in my opinion, the food is vile. Aarrgghh. And its all chemicals…..

In fact, none of the diets above brought me sustainable weight loss.

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