Planning your holiday meal. Give the gift of color to your family and your guests in your Christmas meal.

All the colors of the rainbow in food. A feast for the eyes, and a nutrient feast for the body.

I talk and write all the time about eating local, and eating all of the colors of the rainbow. Each color has a gift to our body.

This week I received an incredible article about each color and what the nutrients are that it has to share with us and I want to share it with you. The article came from Ocean Robbins, a vegan, who I follow, and who often shares wonderful information that is valuable for all of us. (He is the grandson of the Baskin Robbins family. He and his father are part of the movement to teach us that what goes into our bodies matters.)

It’s Christmas in a week. Plan your meal to include at least one dish that “gifts” your family and guests with all of the benefits of color. Its the gift that will keep on giving.

This is a feast for the eyes and will be remembered. Make color part of your holiday tradition.You can be creative and reproduce the feeling of these plates. What a way to wow your dinner guests.

You don’t have to do something complicated. just use all of the colors together in one dish, and watch your guests delight.

I plan to serve my veggie plate with the wonderful dip recipe I posted last week from Tana Amen (Dr. Daniel Amen’s wife)

Good Food Should Start with the Eyes, then Feed the Soul, and finally present the Body With Wonderful Nutrients.

Enjoy planning your holiday meals with love.

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