New radio series on how Food Quality Matters.  I am the health muse on Monique Chapman’s radio show Get Over It!

I am the Health Muse on Monique Chapman’s long running radio Show Get Over It.  This our first episode together about toxins in our food.  In this episode, I explain what GMOs are, why I consider them dangerous to your health, how conventionally grown food is sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and why it is so important to buy organic.  I talk about finding room in your budget to afford organic food, and comment that is is sort of pay now or pay later.  Have you priced out cancer lately?  How about autoimmune disease?  Eliminate the toxins in your food NOW and give your body the opportunity to be healthy.

As a health coach, I really want to inspire you to lower your toxic load and clean up toxins in all areas of your life.  If you listen to this series you will understand where the poisons are in your food, and why they are impacting your health.  We are 37th in the world in health, but even worse than that, 53% of our children have some kind of chronic illness.  Its time to educate yourself and discover that Food Quality Matters.  Your body wants to heal, but you have to provide it with the yummy nutrients that it uses as the building blocks to accomplish that goal.

You can listen to our first show in this series here

I will be back on Monique’s show on January 8 2019 talking about Processed Foods and Fast Foods.

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