Nina Venturella




Coach (Life/Health), Massage Therapy, Mental Health Therapy, Nutritionist, Additional Specialties

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(760) 409-4031




With over 30 years of professional experience in her field, Nina Venturella is the Founder of the Majestic Wellness Academy where she provides methods of educating others on their health and personal development. Nina holds her Associate’s degree in Business Management from Northwestern Business College and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist as well as ACE Certified Personal Trainer . Moving forward, she plans to continue to educate people on how crucial it is to cleanse and get to the root causes by ridding the body of traumas and changing mindsets that will ultimately lead to optimal health and a transformed life. In her spare time, Nina enjoys cooking, fitness and wellness. She also does catering for charities in her community and through her church. Nina is also recognized as a Ordained Minister. Since the pandemic Nina has used her innovation and creativity and has launched a rapidly growing company. One Box Fits All, is an all inclusive program that helps Coaches and Entrepreneurs, become experts and influence with their own unique brand and messaging through IP( Intellectual Property) development. Her proprietary process, a soup to nuts coach the coaches program that gives value added services and benefits that delivers excellence in brand and messaging with tangible deliverable’ s. Nina also is a pioneer and has many innovated projects currently in development.