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Hi! I’m Roozbeh! I began my interest in health and healing while working on his bachelor’s in Comparative Literature at UCLA. I became very depressed during my first year of college and that eventually led me to discover meditation and healthy diet and lifestyle.  I gathered a lot of experience and information on health and helaing over the years, but it was only that I began to study Chinese Medicine that it all came together into a holistic system that works!  You may not know this, but chinese medicine can heal or expedite healing in almost any health issue.  I have helped patients overcome such everything from depression, anxiety, diabetes, to poor ciruclation, infertility, and of course pain.  Even if you are healthy and want to reach a deeper level of balance in your life, chinese medicine can help you.

My treatment style is always holistic, and aims not only to cure the symptoms of disease but to gradually remove their deep causes, which are related oftentimes to internal toxicity, negative emotional states, negative thinking, nutritional deficiencies, and a less than excellent lifestyle.  Through allowing ever deepening levels of balance to be created within an individual, the healing process can do much more than simply cure disease. It can create a state of health that is far better than what was there before the disease ever occured. That is the magic of working with a profound healing system such as Chinese Medicine. Over time it can create real transformation in an individual. I have experienced the potential of this medicine to change my life, and I want to introduce it to others!