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Peter Yeung, LAc



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I’m an Acupuncturist that specializes in treating pain and stress.  Whether you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, I can get you feeling better quick.  If you’re also going through stress, anxiety, depression, I can help bring happiness and mental clarity into your life.


I am different from other acupuncturists in that I practice an ancient, classical style of Acupuncture which uses less needles with faster results. Most acupuncturists use many needles (20+ needles)  and they also use thicker needles, which means more pain.  I use less amount of needles (5-10) and thinner needles which offer painless insertion.


I’m passionate about what I do and I genuinely care about my patient’s well-being.  I’ve spent over 5 years working and researching in Shanghai and Hong Kong to learn the roots of true healing.  Now, I’m bringing it back to California to serve patients achieve a better quality of life.