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Kelly is a Mentor and Health and Life Coach & global entrepreneur that is known as the Creator of “Solutions A to Z. She will help you transform your life one smart proactive decision at a time. She is a family and child care expert that utilizes a clinical psychology approach to healing and growth. She is an Integrative/Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Educator that is an educated Healing Touch empath teaching others to self hypnosis. She is also a Behavioral Health Specialist, a global blogger for The Huffington Post and a contributing blogger for  She is the Author of the books, “Walking In Our Children’s Shoes”, “My Global Advice as Featured in The HuffPost & WatchFit”, “Recipes For A Vibrant Successful Life” and “Marriages Don’t Crumble In A Day” being sold world wide on Amazon. She is the creative  founder “Moms and Dads Really Matter, where she teaches people how to be the best parent by building solid Christian foundations to teach kids to be successful in all areas and work together as a team! She speaks at treatment facilities and counsels women with alcohol and addiction problems using the 12 step protocol. She is the founder and global blogger @ Step Into Your Power – blog on FB. She has a Protecting God’s Children Certification & also a member of PAAO (Parental Alienation Awareness Organization).  She also has Alzheimer’s training.  She has two college degrees in behavioral and social sciences, specializing in the study of Child Development, Family Studies, Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychology and graduated with honors.