Fay (Tedrick) Craton, MA, LMFT, SPHR




Coach (Life/Health), Mental Health Therapy

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(310) 645-6762




Therapy can be many things.

It is a place to gain valuable insights and strategies to overcome life’s difficulties.
It helps people see and identify life’s possibilities and give them momentum toward opportunity.
It is a method to help people look at their thinking and behaviors in order to increase their personal effectiveness.
It is a process to understand conflict, define steps through it and to obtain support while navigating it.
It is a way to understand change and harness energy to move into and to shape the future.
It is a place to learn and practice skills to increase the effectiveness and quality of relationships with people in all the various arenas of your life: family, friends, community, and work.
It is a place to explore thoughts and feelings in order to better understand you.
It is an opportunity to learn or to reinforce problem-solving skills.
It is a chance to gain hope