Ericka Bakkom




Art Therapy, Yoga

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(360) 319-4452



When I moved back to the Pacific Northwest I discovered Power Yoga in 2007. I immediately was hooked and found that through daily asana practice I connected with mind, body and spirit in a way that I never experienced before. While yoga balanced out the stressors in life, my love of the practice grew stronger and my thirst for more knowledge set me on a new path. In 2014 I completing my 200 hour RYT certification in Power Vinyasa. I realized that I wanted to share my passion of yoga with the world and make a profound difference in people’s lives.
I encourage my students to let go of limited beliefs and go to their edge while never loosing site of their own well-being. I have learned through my own life struggles that where there is pain there is growth. I have developed a sense of awareness into how interwoven our emotional and spiritual state is to our physical practice. I know that when we approach things with an open heart the mind follows and to expect the unexpected.
My classes are fun, focused, revitalizing and nurturing. I believe that what happens on your mat is a reflection of what is happening in your life … I have awakened to my truth and have learned to trust myself, and cultivate the same energy in my teachings to be authentic, open and willing to explore the possibilities.