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A Dance Class For Me!

An inclusive movement/music program utilizing Autism Movement Therapy┬« for students who are autistic or have any other issue like Sensory Processing Disorder that prevents them from participating in “typical” dance class. Perhaps a student’s behavior interferes with the class or the student cannot wear dance clothes or tolerate the music. In this class the student’s behavior is not an issue, they can wear whatever they can move in, they connect to their body at their own pace, and there are performance expectations. There are, however, opportunities. It’s up to the student to decide whether or not to participate in a performance, no costumes, or make up is required.


Developed for non-verbal moderate to severe autistic students, this class has many extraordinary benefits. By learning to tolerate the little dance world in a dance room the students learn they are in a safe space. They move on their own without assistance or hand over hand manipulation. As the weeks go on, every attempt to dance with me is celebrated. Their only job is to copy the instructor. In the process their brains are stimulated and challenged. Because of neuroplasticity new neural-pathways are created, these new pathways encourage communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Along with learning movement their brain makes new connections which may actually encourage speech.


Instructor Elizabeth Chacon earned a BA in Dance, a certified Autism Movement Therapy Provider Level II, in Reiki Level I and II, is trained in self-defense, and has completed a course in Dyslexia Therapy.


If you have tried other activities without success because other instructors, even in special needs activities, may be too impatient to work with your child, please don’t give up.


Or if you are concerned that your child’s behavior is too aggressive for a class, we can start with private lessons until the child learns to self-regulate. Give me a call for an assessment.


Classes are in and near Huntington Beach, CA. Please contact Elizabeth Rose Chacon for more information.