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How did I get to be (w)holistic, meaning taking care of body-mind-soul-spirit?
As I was studying psychology with an Institute in Paris, I was diagnosed with skin cancer, with a regimen of surgery every 6 months. It was suggested that I also study nutrition, which I did. I bought my first juicer at age 18, detoxed… and never went back to the surgeon. Cancer is tricky and has many facets. What worked for me may not work for all.
Fast forward. I am now in my 30s, bedridden, in pain, no strength, with 6 kids under the age of 10. Nutrition/detox was not going to pull me out of that predicament. I was peacefully waiting for death to end the torment. It obviously did not happen. Through many “miraculous” circumstances, some call it “grace,” I did recover, got my ND-Naturopathic Doctor degree, then a PhD with a thesis on The Power of the Mind in Healing.
With 45 years of research, study, training (psychology, parapsychology, nutrition, imagery, relaxation, traditional and quantum naturopathy), and “thanks” to the school of hard knocks, I developed my 5 Keys Program for Holistic Health. Some people benefit from all 5 Keys, others only need 1 or 2 to unlock their journey to health and happiness.
Key #1: Vibrant Health and Perfect Weight – Our physical body is the vehicle that takes us from conception to death. It needs to be taken care of, so it runs like the high performance vehicle it is meant to be. How do we do that? Give it what it needs: the proper fuel (personalized food therapy), movements, rest and nature.
Key #2: Emotional F.R.E.E.D.O.M. – Release the grip that traumatic events keeps on you, let go of the beliefs and dis-empowering emotions that prevent you from enjoying life fully, and transform the blockages that keep you from getting the results you want.
Key #3: Mental Fitness Training – We have a powerful mind, and it needs to be trained to do our bidding, to focus on what we choose, instead of letting it impose its thoughts upon us. It’s a powerful ally, but a poor leader. We need to be the Captain of our Ship/Life.
Key #4: Imagineering and the Power of Your Mind in Healing – Sometimes, we need to dive deep into the subconscious/unconscious to find what pattern(s) is keeping us bound to an undesirable condition, be it a dis-ease, relationship issues or professional stagnation. Find the root cause, and transform its’ intent to a more useful one.
Key #5: Love, Life and Miracles – The Love Energy Pattern is the most powerful pattern we can vibrate at. It’s the frequency of healing, of attraction. Discoveries in quantum mechanics/physics are opening a new field where the unseen is greater than what our senses detect. Tapping into this field, where magnetic attraction seems to prevail can potentially transform our lives at a very deep level. Isn’t it time to become the heroes of our own journey?
Do you feel like you have fallen off track? Are you stuck in an uncomfortable situation? Could you use a little guidance? When?
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I have 2 mottoes:
When You Change Your Energy, You Change Your Destiny, and