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Dr. Susanne Tripodi



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Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of New Mexico. Owner/Founder of Tri-Points Acupuncture Clinics in Northern New Mexico: Practice locations: Angel Fire, Raton, Cimarron.


Aims to help individual patients achieve optimal health & wellness, using all modalities available (diet, Chinese and Western Herbs, essential oils, life style and body mechanics. Specializes in chronic pain using Dao Needle Techniques. Works within the with community helping patients, as a vested team player. Believes that integrated medicine is a means by which people can obtain better overall health and live fuller lives. Strives toward merging Eastern and Western medical modalities to provide individuals with more health care options & benefits to achieve their personal health care goals.


Dedicated to the art of healing: the physical body, mind & spirit.


Disease prevention, maintenance and early recognition is emphasized.


Committed to advancing the profession by educating any person or group interested; in learning more about the attributes offered by Oriental Medicine & furthering the acceptance of complimentary medicines to this world.