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Are you dealing with a cheating spouse? Demanding children? Are money issues wrecking your love affair? Are you haunted by anxiety, depression or sleeplessness, and aren’t sure why? Are you connecting with your partner? Are your professional relationships working? Or do you feel frustrated, alone, or just out of hope?

Relationships affect everything from happiness to income to lifespan. Yet they’re the most overwhelming and complicated part of life. They need special attention, and sometimes they require extra help. Whether you’re a struggling student long on passion and short on sleep, or a career professional trying to balance work with a social life, or if you’re wrestling with the special difficulties of children, family, or age—I’m here to help.

My experience covers the full range of relationship counseling. My patients are straight, gay, monogamous, polyamorous, from every cultural and ethnic background, and they confront struggles extending from communication issues, infidelity, and sex addiction, to professional anxieties or counseling children through difficult change. For 25 years I’ve helped thousands of people overcome a wide variety of relationship tests and upheavals.

I work with patients both in my Santa Monica office and remotely via Skype or phone. I will listen to your story, but I will also challenge you. I offer empathy, humor, guidance, and solutions. Whether you’re facing a major life crisis, or simply want to pursue the happiness you know is out there, you can see me for a free consultation. It’s your life and you only get one. Let me help you make the most of it.