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Mental Health Therapy

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Charlie is recognized as a seasoned, direct, warm, ethical, “practical” therapist with experience since 1973. He’s licensed as both Psychologist & Marriage and Family Therapist, competently helping individuals, couples, and families. Along with a broad general practice, he also specializes in: Relationship Issues (premarital & marital problems, communication, co-parenting, financial stress, affairs, infidelity, divorce, sexual health); Substance Abuse and Behavioral addictions (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, codependence, ACOA, enabling, gambling, “sex addiction”, out of control sexual behavior); Trauma Recovery (crime victims, post traumatic stress, loss, death, dying, grief, identity theft); Men’s Issues: (“Men behaving badly”, fatherhood, communication problems, intimacy concerns).


Charlie believes that most people achieve their treatment goals more effectively and efficiently when meeting with a therapist with a warm, honest, open, intelligent approach blended with a timely sense of humor and wisdom…not dry, confusing, contrived, “psychobabble”. For a brief video introduction, visit:


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