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Founder and Facilitator of The Center for Transformational Studies, Barbara-Lynn Freed is a Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, who believes in a holistic approach to life, and has a love for helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives.

Her 38 year eclectic background includes a four year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, and further studies in Dreams, Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, and the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, plus a cross-cultural study of ancient and indigenous people’s perception of the land, time, and space. She has practiced as a professional astrologer since 1980, and is certified in several energy healing techniques. In 1992 she founded “Awakening the Heart!” spiritual healing practice, and was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister in 1993. After a year of spiritual retreat in 2009, she developed a cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship entitled: Resurrecting the Old Ways: Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship.

Working with aromatherapy for over 25 years, Barbara-Lynn is a professional aromatherapist, who uses her intuition, keen sense of smell and insightful knowledge of essential oils to create her wonderful blends. Her business, Aromatherapy Celebrations! offers a fine line of organic essential oil products for the practitioner and general public.

Barbara-Lynn radiates profound inner peace and centeredness. She understands the sacredness of life and experiences the interconnectedness of all things. Through her Alliance of Divine Love ministry she teaches people how to love themselves.