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Dr. Takahashi attended California State University Long Beach wanting to become a physical therapist. His mentor, Dr. Darrell Yoshihara, convinced him with all the miracles that were happening in his office to change towards becoming a chiropractor. In 1997, he graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He started practicing under Dr. Yoshihara and later took over his practice in both Malibu and West LA.


After taking over both practices, he grew them both into very successful offices. His philosophy on health and chiropractic changed. The focus of helping others accelerated him into public service. He started attending mission trips to Panama. His first group served over 100,000 people in I week. There was one individual that kept asking for the “chino” to adjust him. Later he found out that that man’s hearing was restored after seeing Dr. Takahashi.


He currently sees hundreds of patients every week in his West Los Angeles Office. Miracles like hearing being restored, migraines for 25 years resolved, accelerated stalled labor in pregnant woman, improved vision, infant colic healed, and back pain that melted away in seconds. These things all happened from sound chiropractic care, nutritional advice, programs of an active lifestyle and a positive outlook on life. Make an appointment today with our friendly staff to meet with Dr. Brandon Takahashi to accelerate your health.