Mary Alexander, ND, CLP




Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Naturopathy, Additional Specialties

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I’m a traditional Naturopath and Certified LifeLine Practitioner. I live in Prosper, TX with my four beautiful children.
My passion lies in transforming lives through renewing the mind! I love to educate my clients about natural and holistic wellness, specifically using the LifeLine Technique®. It is a 16-step system, a mind medicine technique, that acts as a blueprint to the subconscious mind and activates self-healing on all levels. With it, I guide my clients to intentionally process emotionally charged memories, which shifts their subconscious, fear-based patterns and allows them to thrive in body, mind, and spirit.
I have an incredible passion for guiding my clients to remembering their true nature and to see greatness in them in times when they cannot see it for themselves. I know that the body speaks the mind, and nothing is more fulfilling for me than seeing immediate, lasting changes in my clients’ mindset and physical health. I’m so grateful to be journeying with you as we live our lives through conscious design.