Magic and Manifesting Live Wednesday, May 30th!

My life is magical. I have been given free places to stay free trips to foreign places and clients show up for me without any effort now on my part at all. If a highway is being closed due to an accident, I am one of the last cars to be allowed through.

Everywhere I go the perfect people show up. Money shows up at just the right time and I trust that the universe will always support me. Though this sounds too good to be true, there was a time when I was on food stamps and struggling. What I teach now is how to get from fear and anxiety all the way through to living a magical life. Tonight, I would love for you to join me when I share my story and how you too can life a life filled with magic, manifestations and joy!

Long ago, I had Fibromyalgia an auto-immune disease, depression, anxiety, tremendous fears and tumors that doctors said would never be cured. Guess what? Today, I have none of those things and I didn’t take pills, have surgery or any medical intervention. Sounds fantastic? Each of us has the ability to self-heal. Today, I teach what I learned over thirty years of self-discovery and healing. I hope you will join me tonight on this live call.

On this Intriguing Call, you’ll discover:

►Which voices to listen to for guidance ….

►How to recognize what is true and what isn’t true ….

►What you need to STOP doing to manifest ….

►What BLOCK you from manifesting ….

►The connection Orgasm has with the Pineal gland

►And, so much more ….


Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

To attend, visit:

To Speak, Raise Your Hand – DIAL *2

Phone Number: (425) 440-5010

Secondary Number: (702) 560-5491

Pin Code: 624530#

Alternative numbers, including international numbers:

Or, you may use Skype (FREE) at the link below, use the pin code 624530 in the box.

(works best in Google)


If you can’t make it to the live call, the replay becomes active within a few minutes after the live event ends



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