Learning How to Heal From a Leaky Gut

I am sure you have heard an overwhelming amount of information as it pertains to leaky gut and you have questioned yourself on how to heal? Everyone should learn the positive ways in healing your leaky gut with natural remedies, for the most effective results.

What is Leaky Gut?

The lining of your gut begins to break down, allowing toxins to seep into your bloodstream – leading to leaky gut syndrome. Life is rough and when we do not eat healthy foods, we allow stress to get the best of us, we take too many prescription drugs, consume too much alcohol and bacteria builds up in our bodies – how do you expect your intestinal tract to function? When we experience leaks in our intestinal walls – we become sick.

You might experience symptoms such as:




●Brain Fog

●Abdominal Discomfort



●Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Gosh, that seems like a lot of mess going on in the body! Take hold – solutions are on the way.

Healing + Solutions

While life doesn’t come with an instruction book, neither does Integrative wellness. It is not a one size fits all form of health and optimal living. Let’s take this into consideration that these solutions to healing, will begin to slowly alleviate your negative side effects and allow you to live a life of vibrancy.

Supplementation: You need to keep your digestive tract healthy and I recommendation using IPS or Intestinal Permeability (a Biotics Research product) which is a support supplement intended to aid in healthy gut function. This powerful formula also includes L – Glutamine – fuel for our intestinal healing of leaky gut syndrome. The product addresses the unbalanced intestinal permeability. (https://www.bioticsresearch.com/node/1520)

Digestive Enzymes: Thorne makes a product called Bio Gest – https://www.pureformulas.com/biogest-60-vegetarian-capsules-by-thorne-research.html?CAWELAID=847099073&catargetid=530005240007053186&CADEVICE=c&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing%20Shopping&utm_term=1100400553161&utm_content=Ad%20group%20%231

 it is a digestive enzyme that will aid your body in breaking down food particles. Your villi are damaged from leaky gut syndrome – and taking a digestive enzyme will help repair them within a few weeks. Most people will not be required to take a digestive support supplement for the rest of their lives.

Foods to Avoid: Alcohol (grows yeast in our body), Refined Sugary Foods, Carbs, Fried Foods and Dairy (inflames our immune system) Food can either be our friend or our foe – you get to decide based on what you purchase and put in your mouth. When we eat crappy, our body suffers, increasing our risks for diseases that can become life threatening. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid certain foods, so you do not take the risks associated with leaky gut syndrome. Chronic inflammation from alcohol, medications, stress and processed foods – which eventually finds its way into your intestinal walls (where leaking occurs). Every day leakage is where the most damage takes place, wreaking havoc. It would be helpful to keep a food diary, somewhere readily available, so you can write down how you feel after each food that you consume. If you become symptomatic or “sensitive” afterwards, you know to avoid those specified food selections.

Foods to Consume: Eat an array of whole foods that are nutritious — to repair the damage caused by the wrong food choices and begin rebuilding new tissue. Eating clean allows your body to take in and build up your antioxidant, mineral and enzyme levels that are needed for proper cell repair. Lots of fruits and veggies are recommended (they are made up of mostly water and low in sugar content) and eat high doses of fiber, which allows your body to excrete toxic waste material.

A combination of eating the right whole foods, logging your food intake, repairing gut health and intestinal walls, eliminating refined sugars and alcohol while keeping bacteria at bay – should help resolve leaky gut syndrome. The less stress your body feels, the better your immune system will function, and this is just one more way to stay on track to functioning optimally. I urge you to use digestive enzymes and a strong probiotic for gut health, in return building a healthy inside. When you feel good, it shows! Reach out to me if I can be of assistance to you on your wellness journey. Feel free to schedule a complimentary health consultation and allow me to recommend functional lab work, if needed, to identify any additional concerns you may have.

Article Written by Kelly Benamati

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