How I Make My House A Home

I’m sure most people don’t contemplate how they will transform their houses into homes. For me, this is a must and I will tell you exactly why. I want to make sure – first and foremost – that my kids feel at home when they are at our house. The best way I know how to ensure our house feels like a home is to let my kids be kids in our home, with some reasonable rules but not so strict that they feel like they can’t breathe or live in the serene space we create. That leads me to the second way our house feels like a home is to make sure it is peaceful and has a good feel to it. And lastly, we will it with love and items that make us feel accepted, wanted, respected, loved, important and like a family.

Kids deserve to live in an environment where they thrive and can be themselves, always. I make a conscious effort to allow my kids to be kids and I don’t tell them who to be but I do encourage their strengths and to try new things often. I try very hard to foster a loving bond with my children and tell them to always be authentically themselves, voice their concerns, pick their own food selections at the grocery store, make their rooms whatever they want them to be so they feel comfortable and discuss what is on their minds without being judged. When we teach our children to feel safe, happy and healthy in their home environments – we can almost be rest assured they will be the happiest and succeed in whatever they put their minds on. Believing in themselves starts at home with parents who create environments for them to love and feel at home. Home environments set up children to be emotionally stable, make wise decisions and foster long term healthy relationships.

As I have already eluded to creating a loving environment that is healthy for kids – I strongly recommend making the environment serene. If there are soy candles you like to light purchase some of those. Encourage and reward good behavior with siblings so they will keep the peace instead of constantly fighting. Pray over your home and throughout each room – asking God to bless your home and family as well as keeping you safe and the demons away. Buy flowers that make you and your kids feel happy. Eat foods that are healthy for you and prepare meals together in the kitchen, while building bonds together and don’t forget to video tape and take pictures that will be captured for a lifetime.

It is so imperative to fill your home with love and memoires that lift your spirit and make people want to live with you. I not only honor my children but I also save money and use my creative side to display their art work and masterpieces around our home. It makes us proud of each other but also is very eclectic. We enjoy each other’s presence and kindness while showing lots of love and affection. We find it fun to turn on movies and curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and cuddle. It really is the little things, that are free that create a loving foundation in our home that will create lasting loving memories that none of us will ever forget.

The items I write about are what make our house a home and have successfully worked for our family. I know everyone has their own beliefs but it doesn’t hurt to try a new perspective and see if some of my recommendations will truly work for you and your family. Be well and choose greatness while living a life of vibrancy. You can follow me on Facebook at Kelly Benamati and join my journey at The Power Of You – Blog on Facebook where we encourage others to step into their power and take massive action for powerful results.

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