How Can I Expand My Knowledge of Holistic Wellness

In my experience with all-natural medicine in clinical settings with patients – they come to see us clinicians because we are their last resort. Patients have tried every doctor, prescription, recommendation and nothing has worked. When we finally do get to see a patient, who has never experienced the wellness benefits of a toxic free lifestyle – they are very skeptical. Most patients do not understand what Holistic Wellness is and how it works. There are so many ways you can gain knowledge in the wellness world these days. Below are my top suggestions in finding the answers you are thirsting for.

What is Holistic Wellness/Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine addresses the full range of physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and environmental influences that greatly affect an individual’s health and wellness. It is not a one size fits all cure, write the same script for each patient and send them on their way. No, it is much more than that – in the sense that each symptomatic is eliminated by determining what is causing the side effects and getting rid of the toxic person, drug or health and beauty aid that is being put in and on your body. What a brilliant concept. For example, instead of taking a prescription for depression – we would recommend regular exercise, meditation, formulating healthy relationships and all-natural supplementation and possibly IV therapy to eliminate heavy metal toxicity interfering with a healthy hormonal balance.

Ask Holistic Providers for Recommendations

I cannot think of a better way then go straight to the source(s) for answers to our questions. Doctors are very helpful in telling you which book to read, handing out pamphlets in their office and sending you to a website they believe will help you best. You may also ask them which Podcast or YouTuber you should listen to and follow. Podcasts are free and readily available for you to listen at your own convenience.

Read A Variety of Material and Study

Social media has made it easy to fill our brains with a wealth of knowledge and learn as you go mentality. My caution is to consider the source and do not take everything you hear as God’s speed, but a lot of the information is helpful. From my clinical experiences, patients who become sick learn quickly how to “cure” themselves of their sickness because they want to feel better immediately. They take it upon themselves to order reading material and sign up for free webinars that will enhance their knowledge of what to do now and in the future. Doctors around the globe produce webinars, podcasts, send out weekly newsletters, hold conferences, create retreats, use Facebook Live or develop their own video content to share with their media audience.

Join Groups/Organizations

Often when we become ill – our disease/disorder pushes people close to us away because they do not know how to handle what we are experiencing. That is when a private group or professional organization is super beneficial. Receiving support from people who have also gone through or are currently going through the same symptoms, heartache, sleepless nights, suicidal thoughts, the divorce that caused you to become manic depressive, losing a child that causes you irrational thoughts, sex addiction or debilitating illnesses like cancer or Lyme disease – can be positively life changing and completely turn your life around. Joining groups allows you the freedom to express how you are feeling, learn from others how they coped with loss and death as well as gain insight on how to be a good friend and supporter towards people who need you as well on their journey.

I teach people around the globe how to use alternative therapies to live a life of optimal wellness. I strongly encourage each of them to study what they are struggling with, so they can learn to understand their disease and kill it each day, all naturally. I highly suggest we each have a few close friends, family or those in private groups or organizations that we can turn to for emotional wellness. It is always, a clever idea, to try our best and let God do the rest!

I Believe in You. Create a Vision, Step Into Your Power and Take Massive Action for Powerful Results.

I welcome questions at and visit my personal page on Facebook where I can help you change your life one smart proactive decision at a time.

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