Holiday Shopping Guide from the Wellness Universe.

I am a proud participant in this great guide loaded with gifts for the Holidays that will support your health and the health of your gift recipients. Each of us offered something special. My offer is a very special price of $6.99 for a PDF of my book It Feels Good to Feel Good, and the free workbook that comes with it.

If you haven’t purchased my award winning book yet, it is a goldmine of information about all of the toxins that you need to purge from your life- from your food, your cosmetics, your over the counter drugs, your kitchen, your water, your cleaning supplies and also gives wonderful tips to reduce stress, sleep better, eliminate anxiety, fix toxic relationships or move on, and my solution for toxic lack of movement. My book has now won 6 awards and there are 2 more pending that will be announced in November. Check out the awards here.

$6.99 is a small price to pay for a handbook loaded with so much health saving information.

The $6.99 PDF version on my book comes with a free workbook bonus.

To grab the book at this special holiday price, click here. 

To see the entire Holiday Gift Guide 2017, click here

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