Have I Done My Job For Today

Doesn’t it seem crazy to have to ask ourselves if we’ve done enough in one day?  As if getting up at 6 AM or before with our kids and ending the day around 10 PM — a total of 16 hours of awake time to be parents, bosses, friends, lovers, sisters, brothers, and anything in between wasn’t good enough. If we just make it through the day while affecting our children’s lives I say that is a successful day in and of itself. For some, it is never good enough and we seek for more and more and put additional stressors on ourselves and then cannot figure out why our immune systems are depleted, we get burnt out easily, we have no time to make love to our partners, we get short tempered and eventually (some) have nervous breakdowns or worse become hospitalized because of sheer exhaustion and overloaded with toxins our bodies are unable to deplete because of so many years of build up. This is a cocktail for a major crisis if we do not get ourselves and our decision making processes under control. When we lay our heads down at night what runs though your mind on a daily basis. Are you constantly asking yourself if you have done enough today?

Have I done the laundry?  Have I packed everyone’s lunches?  Did I pay all the bills?  Or just the hell with it all … it can wait until another day. I know others constantly ask themselves have I done my job and what else can I do to improve. God gives us all the same 24 – hour days and he expects we will use them wisely as we only get one go around. He does not give us a spirit of fear but one of a sound mind and that is what we shall have all of the days of our lives. However, somewhere along the way we have been classically conditioned to work longer hours, people please, dress to fit it and make sure we are placed in pretty boxes and not break though the barriers that hold us hostages. Does this sound like you? Read on …. to gain a new perspective!

I am here to provide you with hope that your life can be as simple as possible if you will just make wiser decisions that best fit your family’s needs and your business schedule so it won’t interfere with you being the best parent your kids need. You must know that your best is good enough and if others do not see that part of you for what you truly are then it might be time to move on. Each day you prepare for bed and wind down – please know you have permission to be satisfied with the end results of each day – to unconditionally love yourself and your family. If God wakes you up for one more shot at life — to impact others do not take it lightly but also know you have done everything just right for the day that was presented to you. You’ve got this and as Winston Churchill said, “Never, Never Give up.”

We all face challenges and our belief systems become a bit skewed when doubt begins to set in. You must use mindful manifestations to believe in yourself – knowing you are good enough. Today, is over and tomorrow is a new beginning to wrap your mind around being good enough for the people around you because they love you for you – not who you are not or who you want to become. Do not forget just how amazingly awesome each of you are and when your days are done and over with – you have given it your all and do the next right thing and everything else will fall into place. You can follow my journey on Facebook at Kelly Benamati and on Instagram at KellyMasterOfLife. Thanks for sharing my articles to bring much needed HOPE to others.

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