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Sensual Expressions with Sara Troy and her guest Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, on-air from July 16th

Everyone wants to be loved. The problem is most people don’t know how they want to be loved. They want the experience of love, but not too much, not too much sex, not too much pain, not too much drama. How can we get there especially after a heartbreak or divorce?

Men want love just as much as women, but they don’t know how to love us, women. We are a fickle bunch. One day we want a hug, the next day we don’t want our men to touch us. One day we want to talk about our problems but we don’t want our men to solve them for us.

Can we have a sexless marriage and be happy? I don’t believe so. The best marriages are the ones where they have regular sex and deeply connected intimacy.

Why are so many marriages sexless? If sex and intimacy deepen the bond between a couple, why aren’t more people having sex more often? Why are men watching porn? What happens when they watch porn?

We need to be able to discuss what we want and how we want it. We need to be able to communicate without putting the other person down or making them feel inadequate. Neither of us comes with an instruction book. 

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