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On March 14th, I will be on You Wealth Revolution with Darius Branzandeh LIVE! I am so excited about this rich opportunity to share my gifts with you and the world. Each interview is 90 minutes and recorded LIVE. If you listen at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 EST on March 14th you will hear me live and there will be an opportunity to call in to receive a healing live on the show. Your free gift is right here in this link

I have to be honest with you, I sent You Wealth Revolution an email four years ago. I went through a little questioning wondering why they hadn’t invited me sooner? Then realized maybe I needed to expand my healing abilities, learn some new strategies and step into the higher truth of who I am which I did in February. 

My transformation continues on a daily basis. In fact, I had a very powerful healing personally within the past two weeks. I will talk about this amazing gift that I waited over fifty years to receive with Darius. The moral of this story? Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Never give up on what you want. I didn’t and I stopped listening to those who said, “It will never happen!” Those who pee in your Cheerios on a regular basis aren’t helping you. In fact, those people who I call Naysayers are the exact ones we need to STOP listening to. 

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How did I get this amazing opportunity to be on You Wealth Revolution that I am so grateful for? I began to be grateful for each and every healer on their show. I sent love to each one of them. I sent love to Darius. I stepped into gratitude on a very deep level. I was thankful for my little cottage on this beautiful horse ranch in California where I live in absolute bliss. I was thankful for my friend who helped me get this gorgeous place. I was thankful for my twenty-year-old dog, Karma who continues to amaze and astound me. 

I have been on this healing journey now for over forty years. I continue to grow and evolve and will do so until I die. We are here to live in joy and happiness every day which is what I do now. Though happiness wasn’t something that came easily to me for the longest time. I help my clients get to that place of happiness breaking the mold and clearing the past trauma and story for them. What’s next for you? A change of behavior. We can have our energy cleared and become the vibrant cleansed version of ourselves but if our behavior doesn’t change we revert to old ways and patterns and nothing changes. Coaching with me not only gives you the tools to change patterns and behaviors I encourage you, kick you in the butt when you need it and call bull shit when you are lying to yourself. I do for you exactly what you need using my guidance, compassion and a tremendous amount of love that is completely judgment free! Nothing you can tell me would shock, surprise me or make me love you less. 

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Link: Haven’t had a chance to sign up for You Wealth Revolution as yet? Here is the link for a FREE gift and your path to healing with over 30 powerful healers including yours truly! <3

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