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I was recently a guest on Judy Anderson’s show, Jazz Up With Judy. On that show, I shared my recent miracle. I cured cancer on my nose in one day! 

May 31st – June 9th Listen For FREE HERE!

If you missed my wonderful show on Jazz Up Your Life with Judy where I talked about Magnificent Miracles Judy has decided to run the show again. They’re opening up my replay for a Limited Time so You can listen to it starting May 31! Click here to listen to my show: 

Miracles do happen. They can happen to you. On this show, I share how I live my life and pray over my clients for miracles for them, like my client Michelle Amiri. She got her miracle within 10 minutes of my prayer.

Or Derek who worked with me for three months. He had a tape playing in his head his entire life that he was no good, will never amount to anything and would never be successful. The words of his abusive narcissistic father continued to play out in his adult life. 

These thoughts played in the background of his mind keeping him from achieving or receiving the love he deserved and the success he dreamed of. In one session we worked through the event and I walked him through the process I use to eliminate negative programming.

My special offer is here!

Derek told me yesterday, that programming tape is entirely eradicated! This is miraculous. 

Listening to this program will elevate your consciousness and allow you to tap into the joy!

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