Eat Berries to Keep the Doctor Away 

Western medicine used to be the only type of wellness that was ever spoken about. Patients run to doctors for prescriptions with high blood pressure meds, a pill to lose weight, a new diet regime, capsules for elevated levels of cholesterol and feelings of brain fog and being lethargic. Good news …. There is a better way to live your life and it doesn’t have anything to do with the latest fad or best script.

People have found a phenomenal solution – Alternative Therapies and Integrative Nutrition. Integrative medicine is not a one size fits all form of therapy. Integrative nutrition is widespread due to its powerful way of healing people, with just food products. In the book “Grain Brain” by Dr. Perlmutter, he discusses how food can kill us or cure us. Whatever your method of diet is currently, just know you have the choice to change immediately.

Poor diet is the biggest cause of early death across the world – with red meat and sugary drinks responsible for one in five deaths. Poor diet had the greatest cumulative effect on worldwide deaths in 2013.

Eating a clean diet and selecting foods (like berries) that are low in sugar, eat complex carbs instead of simple carbohydrates, high antioxidant levels and ones that won’t spike your blood sugar are imperative for optimal living!

Why Should I Eat Berries?

◻Antioxidants — Berries are chuck full of antioxidants and are known as a superfood because of their phytochemical (protect cells from damage) content.

◻Diabetes Management – berries are low in sugar and mostly contain water and taste yummy.

◻Flavonoids – berries are abundant in flavonoids – which are really groups of phytonutrients that keep diseases like Parkinson’s to a minimal.

◻Weight Loss – berries are low in caloric intake, do not contain too much sugar and are mostly made of water. That doesn’t mean eat the whole quart …. But you can eat a decent amount without feeling guilty. They also contain fiber, that will give you a sense of feeling full. Berries should make you feel energized – keeping you slender in the process.

◻Blood Pressure Reduction – berries are rich in antioxidants (Vitamin C) – which helps your body repair tissue in your body as well. Experts, like myself, know that consuming copious amounts of vitamins (that your body craves) will help eliminate the risk of diseases like high blood pressure.

◻Lessen Your Risk of Getting Cancer – the flavonoids in berries also keep cancer at bay as well as the powerful number of antioxidants that are an effective prevention method.

Yummy Berry Recipes To Try

◻Fruit smoothies are my favorite and they taste the best all mixed together

◻Mixed fruit bowl for breakfast lunch or dinner

◻Add berries to your salad for added taste along with some almonds (monosaturated fats – good fat)

◻I love freezing berries and adding some whipped topping as a healthy snack

I encourage you to eat well, keep your diet clean and eat foods that make you feel energized. Berries are well known for their vast array of health benefits you need to feel vibrant!

Article written by Kelly Benamati

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