Depression and Anxiety

I suffered from depression for well over twenty years. In this video, I share what I learned and how to cure it.

There are reasons for depression. It doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. So what causes depression?

Causes of Depression

  • rape
  • sexual molestation
  • abuse
  • anger from any of the above

Breathing deeply is part of healing depression and anxiety. According to Lao Tsu when we focus on the past we are depressed when we focus on the future we are anxious.

Sexual molestation is one of the most heinous acts that can happen to a child. The trauma that occurs with sexual molestation is long-standing and deep. Without healing for this issue health issues and depression result.

Someone the child loves and trusts hurt them and robbed them of their innocence and joy, taking away their right to say no or protect themselves. Often the person being molested also is blamed for the act which further torments the victim.

Depression Quiz

What are the symptoms of depression?

  • lack of motivation
  • insomnia or sleeping all the time
  • a sense of hopelessness
  • rage
  • pain and inflammation in the body
  • inability to enjoy pleasure 

I have products on my website for anxiety and depression that will help you right now. They are the last four tracks of the new book I am about to release. You will get relief. Listen with headphones on. Do not drive or multi-task while listening.

What Can You Do?

Journaling is a place to start. Just remember that the last thing you write about or think about before sleep will slip into the unconscious mind where all the programs are stored that run your life. Our beliefs about ourselves are held in our unconscious mind. 

I use a variety of techniques that I used to heal my depression and anxiety. 

You deserve to feel well. You can do this! I know you can. You don’t have to do it alone, you can set up your free discovery session to see how my work could benefit you and if you are a good fit for it.

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