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8 Tips for Repairing or Purging a Toxic Relationship

Reprint of an article I published in Wellness Universe. 1/13/18 The Big Takeaways on a Toxic Relationship: Staying in a toxic relationship makes the stress continual, whether it’s a toxic love relationship, a toxic friendship, or a toxic parent. Try to talk to this loved one to improve the relationship and put a plan […]

Becoming INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY – From personal challenges to study and research to a professional health practice

Health challenges can lead to personal growth and empowerment. I was the child who missed school the most because of sickness and surgeries. After facing many childhood diseases, in spite of being vaccinated, I was diagnosed with skin cancer at age 15. I underwent surgeries every six months, until I turned to detox and nutrition […]

Your Personal Bill of Rights

If you have lost yourself somewhere you have the obligation to search and explore who you are. You have the right to be your own “self” and to experience your own unique feelings without criticism or explanation. You have the right to talk about yourself and your needs and to ask to have your needs […]

How Happy Are You With YOU?

When I was in my thirties, I recognized that my thoughts were making me sick. I used to be needy, pathetic, insecure, worried and afraid of everything. I felt like a victim and interestingly attracted victimization because of how I felt. I couldn’t think of ten things that I loved about myself. I certainly didn’t […]