When I got sick 6 years ago, and started researching to figure out how to get well I didn’t know what I was looking for. Everything I read pointed to “leaky gut”. That lead me to researching toxins. Toxins are a biggie for leaky gut.

Oh my God, I was shocked to discover we are being poisoned; toxins are everywhere, on our crops, in our processed food, in synthetic ingredients, in our fast food, in our oils, in our meats, in our water, in our kitchens, in our cleaning supplies and in our heads, in our drugs, in our cosmetics.

But when I discovered all these toxins being produced and sold to us under the guise of healthy, I was angry, really angry at our government. Why are they allowing us to be poisoned?

But I have never been a victim, and I came to realize pretty quickly that we are responsible for what we buy and what we eat. We can join together and not buy the toxins. We can become an army of one, and change the system. Our politicians are NOT going to do it. There is too much money honey. We have to do it.

The Institute for Responsible Technology says it will only take a 5% shift in spending habits for all these companies to sit up and take notice. Big agriculture, Big food, Big Pharma, They are all starting to take notice. If you eat organic, and stop buying processed food; if you cook, if you eliminate plastic, and start drinking filtered water and taking it with you in stainless steel, and if you start storing food in glass containers and use silicone cooking tools, and if you buy organic cosmetics and always vote for green products then you are changing the world. Every Time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want. You are creating the future world for your children. You are creating a healthy body for your kids.

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