Becoming INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY – From personal challenges to study and research to a professional health practice

Health challenges can lead to personal growth and empowerment. I was the child who missed school the most because of sickness and surgeries. After facing many childhood diseases, in spite of being vaccinated, I was diagnosed with skin cancer at age 15. I underwent surgeries every six months, until I turned to detox and nutrition at age 18, which was what I needed at the time to get back to wellness. In my thirties, I was bedridden for months. Nutrition was not sufficient. I had to face mental and emotional challenges. Thankfully, the universe (God) was there to lead me to wonderful mentors. After earning doctorates and certifications in different disciplines, I opened a practice and was able to help many people return to wellness using the 5 Keys to Health and Wellness I developed, for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

For people seeking self-empowerment, I wrote a series of articles available on my website, free of charge.

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