An Integrative Lifestyle Helps Us Live an Optimal Life – Free of Toxins

You might be asking yourself, what is so important about Integrative health? Why should we convert from a more traditional way of living? Integrative medicine focuses on wellness rather than focusing on curing diseases. This approach to healthcare allows trained clinicians to look at physical wellbeing, emotional, spiritual, mental, social and environmental influences that directly affect our wellness. If you are feeling symptomatic in any way – the first recommendations are to look at the foods you are consuming, environment, stress levels, spiritual connections and what types of products are you putting in and on your body. All of these very important items – play an essential role with how you are feeling and have a direct correlation to how your body functions.

Most individuals do not understand the importance of how much our environments make us sick. All of the products in your home probably contain a warning label. Why? Because they are harmful for you and your family members – if they were healthy – companies would not have to put a warning label on them. Makes sense, right. The problem is – most people continue to use their home products, cleaning agents, health and beauty aids, medications, prescriptions drugs, over the counters, candles, dryer sheets and plug ins. All the while – these dangerous products are making you sick. Be filled with hope, we have many solutions for you!

Ameo essential oils are all-natural scientifically products that really work. These amazing clinical grade oils work at the cellular level so they are highly effective when it comes to reducing symptoms from the common cold to boosting our immune system functioning, assisting in weight loss and even relieving stress. Ameo oils are easy to use – you simply add them to your food, in a diffuser or a capsule – where you can mix a few oils all at once for better results. A great way to naturally enhance your health for a happier life!

I also recommend eliminating any products in your home that contain a warning label. I know this is going to be quite difficult, however, if you want to feel your best – we must get rid of the items that are making us sick. People become symptomatic and cannot figure out what is causing them to be so unwell. The products we use in and on our bodies – almost always contain Parabens, Sulfates, Pesticides, Mercury, Alcohol, Dyes, Round Up and the list becomes endless. These damaging chemicals wreak havoc on our immune system – and weakening its proper functioning. They also disrupt our normal hormone levels – creating several negative side effects such as brain fog, low sex drive, acne, bloating, weight gain, moodiness and sleepless nights. The only solution: get rid of the products!

Food can be the healthiest form of happiness or cause us to have a painful journey, forming many deadly diseases. When people consume too much sugar – we feed cancer cell growth. It is going to take a lot of work to learn how to starve cancer cells. What I mean by this is – only purchase foods that are low in sugar and carbohydrates. Not only do you want to keep cancer at bay but most people want to keep their waist line small and stabilize glycemic index – so you do not constantly spike blood levels to where they become unstable over a period of time. Too many fried foods and those that contain harmful pesticides can be very threatening to our cardiovascular health, lead to a stroke or diabetes. It is also best to limit our alcohol intake to limit the acceleration of sclerosis of the liver, impaired nervous system, depression or Autism — that do not allow our nerve endings to fire as quickly (electrochemical stimulation) as they once did and dendrites become entangled.

Lastly, I recommend to exercise self-care and abolish stress – keeping ourselves spiritually connected to a higher power. When we put all of these forms of alternative therapies together, we create an individual that functions at an optimal level with the happiest outlook on life. What better way to live and the best part is we are in control of our own decisions. I believe in your and do not forget to Create a Vision, Step Into Your Power and Take Massive Action for Powerful Results.

Do not hesitate to ask questions here: and be blessed!


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