A Quitter’s Mindset – Don’t Stop Before You have Started

Let’s be honest, we all face insurmountable challenges in life and business but the ones who win and learn to overcome them are the ones that have the right mindset. Often times when we are faced with obstacles where we can already be defeated because they seem too hard for us to fix. The easy solution would be to get mental clarity and to begin focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. When people have the mind – set of a quitter from the beginning of anything in life they are sure to fail at most every thing and lose at their own game!

We all are aware of that one person who can bring down the whole team with a few negative sentences and disbeliefs. They are in what I call — the “quitters mindset”. What I define as a quitter’s mindset is the individual who believes that nothing good will come out of any situation no matter what. The people who have “quitters mindsets” usually surround themselves with others like themselves so they never really get distanced from any negativity and don’t catapult themselves forward. There are solutions to shift your thinking in the right direction in order to manifest instead of mess up your life or specific scenarios.

Let’s focus on the solutions instead of the problems in order to allow our life to become the positive realities that many only wish for. One of the best ways you can do this is to actually visualize what you want your life to be like and do this continuously over and over each day or for extended periods of time throughout each day. I also encourage you to write down what you want your life to be like and do that each day when you wake up. The more you make this a habit in your life the faster it will be able to manifest. It is always best to surround ourselves with people that will push us out of our comfort zones for much needed growth. I suggest creating mental filters for yourself so that every hater or the people who don’t believe in you will not get you off of your path or stop you from achieving your goals and being great. What I mean by this is to let the statements and behaviors of others to be like water on a duck’s back and move on from their negativity. The sooner we can become desensitized (which means basically numb to others words and actions) the faster we can move on and become successful.

I strongly recommend creating big visions for yourself, stepping into your power and taking massive action for powerful results. The only way to break through barriers is to grow, learn, and step forward doing the next right thing for progress. I believe in you and let’s do this for you to become a winner and not stay stuck in the stopping before you get started mode where losers usually hang out!

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