8 Unusual Ways To Meet Singles You Hadn’t Thought Of Before

Single women, tend to think they can only meet men on the Internet. For men who read my blog, you too can find these suggestions will help you meet great women as well. 

The Internet isn’t the highest vibrational way to meet people. We can’t be sure that what we are seeing is real. The dangers of meeting someone we know nothing about can be exhilarating, but a little scary as well. Instead, of the Internet get creative like I am and find new and different ways to meet singles and eligible partners in fun and unique ways.

1. Take a road trip!

I love to drive and meet wonderful people at rest stops, and even gas stations along the way. I love to stop at picturesque places, take photos and walk my dogs. I have yet to stop at a rest stop in Colorado when I didn’t meet a handsome and available man.

2. Take a hike! If you are healthy, fit and want to meet other healthy and fit people get out on the trail and smile! Be friendly. Say good morning to people you meet on the trail. You never know what your smile might spark in someone else.

3. Take a class. Plenty of divorced people take cooking classes, art classes, yoga or learn to rock climb. Be adventurous and get out of your comfort zone. Be friendly and open or you might be unconsciously turning love away. The great thing about meeting people in a yoga or rock climbing class is that you can see how fit they are, their skill level and whether their health meets your standards. Recognizing your core values is an important part of meeting someone you will resonate with and be comfortable with over time. Taking classes after a breakup can help you move on and take your mind off your pain.

4. Go to church. Finding a church that supports your faith and attend regularly. Churches have socials and mingle groups after church. Stay, have a donut and coffee after church and smile. The more friendly you appear, the more likely someone will sit down next to you to share your table or pew.

5. Get your car detailed. Men who take excellent care of their cars go to high-end car washes that take care of the details. While waiting for your car, there will be plenty of men to talk to while looking at cards in the gift shop on luxurious leather sofas or waiting outside in the beautiful weather.

6. Get dancing. Community events, dance coalitions, and monthly dances are happening in your community. Line dancing is a fun way to spend an evening and dance with a variety of different partners. Meetup has a plethora of events where you can learn to tango, salsa or swing dance. 

Dancing is a fun way to get your body moving and meet lots of different people to choose from. In Boulder, Colorado I used to go to the Avalon’s Friday night event. I had a smile on my face all night and danced with about forty different partners. Sometimes there might be live music brings a lively element to the evening.

7. Meetup.com is a great place to find events and groups that interest you. I just spent the past two hours perusing and signing up for 10 very different events. It’s easy and you have ultimate control of how far you travel to meet new eligible men. From cuddle parties, meditation groups, hiking, dance, spiritual groups there is something for everyone. You won’t meet anyone staying at home. Make this year the one when you meet your One!

8. Go grocery shopping. We spend hours of our life perusing the shelves of the grocery store. I always make my shopping experience interactive. I ask questions of other shoppers and sales clerks. Get in the habit of connecting with others with your eyes and looking around while shopping, it will help you to get out of fear of talking to new people. I meet people filling up water jugs at the reverse osmosis machine at my local gas station. Keep your head up and look your best, you never know when love might find you.

You know you won’t meet anyone sitting at home on your couch watching television, or on FaceBook. Finding love might take some effort, then again, it could happen just by you showing up at the grocery store. If you are ready to find love, take my course starting February 1st, that will clear all your blocks to receive the love you so deserve. Get out and put a smile on your face and do the following mantra:

I believe in love

I believe in love

I believe in love.

Without the belief in love, you will never find it. 

Jennifer’s gift is helping people find love. Whether it is self-love, the love of your life, or love within your current relationship or marriage. Jennifer helps you see your relationship through different eyes, without judgment, control, and resentment. If you want to heal your marriage or relationship, Jennifer will help you do it! 

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