5 Keys to Health, Healing and Happiness – Part 1

You are a physical, emotional, mental, subconscious and spiritual being, a (w)holistic being. Like a symphony, each aspect works (or should work) in harmony with the others, complementing and enhancing each part. In this series, and for simplicity sake, I will be focusing on one aspect at a time, one KEY at a time.

Part 1 is an introduction to the 5 Keys to Health, Healing and Happiness I developed over a 40+ year career.


Your body is the vehicle that takes you from conception to death. Are you treating it like a high- performance vehicle or like an old clunker?

If you were given a Ferrari, how would you take care of it? Would you fill it with the cheapest gas available… or give it high octane fuel? A car can be replaced… your body cannot. How do you maintain it?

1. Fuel – Give it the food/nutrients it needs, which means foods high in nutrients and low in calories.

2. Maintenance – How would you maintain your high-performance car? Regular detailing, checking fluids, changing the oil, flushing the radiator, checking brakes and tires will go a long way for extending the life of your car. It’s the same for your body. In our modern environment, we breathe toxic air, drink toxic water, and eat toxic food. We need to flush the toxins out on a regular basis. Safely cleansing your body twice a year is a good start.

3. Use – A car left in the garage will deteriorate, as will a sedentary body. Did you know that your muscles can slow down and even resist the aging process? You do not need to become an athlete, but movements are essential. Walk, dance, swim, just MOVE that body!

A car can be replaced. Your body cannot. Treat it as the high-performance vehicle it truly is, and it will give you its best for many years.


A life without emotions would be quite flat, uninteresting. Being able to control unwanted emotions is a must to enjoy your time on Planet Earth.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions!

We all have ups and downs, challenges and traumas. A dream can vanish, a cherished friend may pass away, material possessions can be engulfed in flames, and worry can ruin days or weeks. By using easy to learn and apply techniques, it is possible to maximize happy, joyful feelings and minimize the length of time you spend with dis-empowering emotions.

Uncontrollable rage and anger, deep sadness and sorrow, envy and jealousy… isn’t it time to let them go?


Are you in charge of your thoughts or is your mind choosing what you will focus on? Who is the master, who is the slave?

We make decisions with our conscious mind, which has the ability to reason and choose. Oftentimes, our mind wanders into dreamland and intrusive thoughts prevent us from focusing on the task at hand.

You can train your conscious mind to focus on what you want it to. It only takes a few minutes a day, and the rewards far outweigh the effort.


Yes, we make decisions with our conscious mind. However, what we believe to be conscious is greatly influenced by what is contained in our non-conscious mind. Research shows that 95% of our actions stem from habits and beliefs anchored in the subconscious mind.

Is your subconscious mastering your life or are you the captain of your ship? You can dialogue with and get to know different aspects of your non-conscious mind.

How is it influencing your life? Why are you facing a particular situation? Why are patterns repeating in your life? Using symbols and images, and the assistance of “guides,” your dis-ease or challenge will communicate with you and bring to the surface wisdom and potential solutions, from the depth of your other-than-conscious mind.


Most of us dream of an extraordinary life, where our talents and uniqueness shine brightly. The desires of your heart come from YOU, the authentic YOU, the divine YOU. The human potential movement has been in existence for decades. If we want this planet to survive the challenges it is facing, it is time to move onto a “divine potential movement,” to ignite and unleash that spark that has been stifled by millennia of cultural indoctrination, challenges, and trauma. That flame is still there, ready to be reignited.

Imagine your life as the energies of love, joy, peace and passion arise in every cell of your body. You would be UNSTOPPABLE! Isn’t it time to tap into the Quantum Field of Infinite Potential?

This is the first part of a 6-part series. In the following articles, we will explore one Key at a time, giving simple tools and techniques which are easy to implement, even if you are challenged with a “small time budget.”

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD

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