30 Ways to Save on Healthy Eating

I just released. my Ebook on 30 Ways to Save on Healthy Food.  $1.99

I eat organic unless I know that the produce is grown by a farm that doesn’t use pesticides and herbicides. ( Talk to your farmers at your farmers market and find out what they do for bugs.)  When I am coaching, I also encourage others to eat organic.  You do NOT need a healthy dose of herbicides and pesticides with your food.  You DO need to eat all the colors of the rainbow preferably from a farm close to you.  You need to eat REAL FOOD.

You need to STOP eating processed food and fast food that only feed you chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  Sure, I know that they are faster and cheaper in most cases, but your body needs nutrients every day.  My rule is if you can’t pronounce it, or don’t know what it is, you do NOT put it into your mouth.

And the body is an amazing thing.  If you give your body REAL FOOD and you COOK, your body celebrates and wants to heal.  I know.  I got autoimmune disease 7 years ago and had so much pain, I could not get out of bed.  I hurt.  Everywhere.  I did a ton of research not even knowing what I was looking for and in the end eliminated hundreds of toxins, learned how to reduce my stress, and found a functional MD.  If you want to know what a functional md is and how they are different from a conventional MD, go to my website at cherylmhealthmuse.com.  I explain that in a blog.

The result of all of this….I was eating real food and my body started to celebrate.  This was revolutionary to me.  I am now relativity pain free. At 67 I went back to school to become a health coach because I want to share what I learned with others.  Now 70, I feel better than I did in my 50’s.    I want EVERYONE to eat real food and to cook.

The #1 objection people tell me when I encourage them to eat organic is “I can’t afford it”.  Ok, so go through your budget and figure out where you can save money so that you can buy REAL organic food without the toxins.  Take your coffee with you when you walk out the door and don’t stop on the way to where you are going;  take your lunch to work with you; cut down how many dinners you eat out.  There are tons of ways to make room in your budget for healthy food and to buy organic.

Over the last few years I HAVE found ways to save on food, and I want to share it with you. You no longer can use that as an excuse.

Remember the farmer who said, you say you can’t afford organic? Have you priced out cancer lately?” Its pay now or pay later. You can’t afford a chronic illness.  This is your health insurance. You can protect yourself and your children.  Start preventing it today.

 The most important thing I can share is that if you eat real organic food, you can start to heal.  This goes for autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, depression, dementia, skin disorders, gut disorders (acid reflux goes away on an alkaline diet with no pills)  diabetes, ADHD in your children which is why I am a big believer.

If you go to my website cherylmhealthmuse dot come and go to the store tab, you will see the page with ebooks. This gem is only $1.99. It will save you money and it just might save your life. Grab a copy today.

  Check out my ebooks on skin and on balance.  And watch this space.  I have more ebooks to come that simplify how to improve your health and navigate all of the confusion about food.  You should drink coffee, you shouldn’t drink coffee;  you should eat fat you shouldn’t eat fat; you should detox off sugar…but fake sugars are just as bad.  And I can always coach you one on one to help you to return to health.  I can do that by Zoom, and I am worth it.  *smile*

https://cherylmhealthmuse.com  look for my store tab and clici on ebooks.

Here’s to your health.

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